Ethereum wallet | 10 Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets

Ethereum wallet | 10 Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets

There are lots of Ethereum mobile wallets or wallets that support Ethereum coin but are all Ethereum wallet best and user-friendly, especially for beginners that allow storing your Ethereum coin securely.

So here we bring you the top ten best Ethereum mobile wallets for beginner and ETH master as well. 

Some wallets are given below support only ETH coin and some are multi wallets that also supporting Ethereum coin. So without delay, let's start.

What are the Top 10 best Ethereum Mobile Wallets?

Quick list.
  1. ETH or Ethereum wallet.
  2. Enjin Wallet.
  3. Trust Crypto Wallet.
  4. Cryptonetor Wallet.
  5. Coinbase Wallet.
  6. MetaMask Ethereum Wallet.
  7. MEW wallet–Ethereum wallet.
  8. Token pocket Wallet.
  9. imToken - Ethereum Wallet.
  10. Guarda Ethereum Wallet.

1. ETH or Ethereum wallet.

Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets, ethereum wallet

If you were searching for the Ethereum mobile wallet, then it will be the best Ethereum mobile wallet for you. The ETH-Free wallet is a mobile wallet developed by Freewallet inc. 

Download and Install Ethereum mobile Wallet to manage and store your ETH coin in a secure cryptocurrency app. The app combines all the best characteristics of blockchain apps. It is a safe and easy-to-use tool with multi-level security.

The application will suit everyone from crypto beginners to ETH masters. 

If you want a multi-crypto wallet including Ethereum coin, then download other Freewallet products called "Bitcoin and Crypto Blockchain Wallet for free".

Important features.

✔️PIN code lock.
✔️Fingerprint Login.

✔️2-factor authentication.
✔️Email confirmation for each transaction.
✔️Daily and weekly transaction limits.

Download Android

2. Enjin as Ethereum wallet.

Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets, ethereum wallet

Another popular Ethereum mobile wallet among mobile users that provides a vast number of features to manage your Ethereum portfolio easily.
These Ethereum mobile wallets totally build for ETH holders, traders, and gamers to collect a huge number of ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 tokens, and other cryptos.

If you think your one step up than a beginner, so you can definitely try Enjin Ethereum wallet.

Important features.

✔️Fingerprint Unlock.
✔️Hardware Wallet Tracking. 
✔️Auto-Add Tokens. 
✔️Custom Fees & Limits. 
✔️Import & Sweep. 
✔️Local Currency. 
✔️PIN Lock.

Download Android

3. Trust Crypto Wallet.

Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets, Ethereum wallet

Best Ethereum mobile wallet with the important and low feature to store your ETH coin easily on your mobile. No unnecessary feature is difficult to use for beginners. 

The Trust Crypto Wallet now supports on-wallet staking, allowing users to earn rewards on supported proof of stake (POS) & delegated proof of stake (DPOS) tokens.

Users who would like to avoid crypto mining or Ethereum mining can now use Trust Wallet to earn rewards with regular app updates to support more tokenized cash, stable coins, E-money, and cryptocurrencies, whilst users can buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies directly from the Trust Crypto Wallet with a wide range of payment options.

Important features.

✔️Trading Wallet.
✔️multi-crypto wallet.
✔️Binance coin wallet.
✔️Military-grade security. 
✔️Access a cold storage wallet.
✔️Game Wallet: Trade and invest in gaming collectibles like crypto.
✔️Ethereum Wallet: Store ERC20 / ERC223 / ERC721 based tokens.
✔️Buy Bitcoin/Buy Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies/digital assets.
✔️Send & Receive: easily send and receive assets via QR code or copy/paste.

Download Android

4. Cryptonator.

Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets, Ethereum wallet

Cryptonator is an all-in-one online Ethereum mobile wallet that also supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more. 

It enables fast direct transactions and allows instant exchange between different cryptocurrencies in one personal account. Combining usability with high-level privacy, anonymity, and security, Cryptonator offers free Ethereum accounts, which are accessible on your laptop, desktop, or mobile.

It provides all features that you need to manage your coin like different exchange rates, current market price from a different platform, merchant tools, converter tool for Portfolio calculation. 

The fee of Cryptonator is also unique, and it cost according to coin pair and the current price of the coin that you want to exchange in other hands withdrawal fee are same. 

For security, it gives a high-level feature such as Email verification, 2FA, PIN code lock, and mobile number verification through SMS.

Download Android

5. Coinbase as Ethereum Wallet.

Best Ethereum Mobile Wallets, Eteherum wallet

I am sure you have already heard about Coinbase. It is the most popular crypto wallet, including Ethereum mobile wallet, to store your Ethereum coin safely on any mobile. 

If you are just starting your cryptos or Ethereum journey so this Ethereum wallet will give everything to manage your Ethereum portfolio securely. 

It also allows taking your first step to buying and selling Ethereum coins with a credit card or bank account around the world (Selected countries) easily in your Coinbase mobile wallet.

Important features.

✔️Crypto payment.
✔️Web 3 Dapp browser.
✔️Earn cryptocurrencies through
✔️Automatically add popular ERC20 tokens and ERC721.
✔️Secure users-controlled crypto wallet. (Don't lose the key of 12 or more words) 

6. MetaMask Ethereum Wallet.

Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mobile Wallets

MetaMask a popular Ethereum wallet that was only available for PC as a browser extension, but now it officially has released for the mobile wallet to store Ethereum and  Ethereum based token.

In the browser extension, it only allows to send, receive, and connect to the decentralized web while in the mobile wallet it gives beyond features than extension.

By MetaMask Ethereum wallet you can buy ETH coin and ETH based coin such as 0x, DAI, Maker, and others.

Important features.

✔️Secure and anonymous.
✔️No need to create an account.
✔️It is both a wallet and a browser.
✔️Publish content on a decentralized web.
✔️Lend. Borrow crypto assist and also play games.
✔️Browse and connect to the decentralized web sites.
✔️Buy, Sell, and Exchange digital ETH assist around 32+ countries.
✔️Control what information you share with the sites you use, and what to keep private.

Download Android

7. MEW wallet–Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mobile Wallets

This Ethereum mobile wallet is like MetaMask but more simple and features and non-custodial Ethereum wallet means only you can access your digital fund.

It builds on the ETH blockchain so you can only store ETH coin and ERC-20 tokens.

Important features.

✔️Store ETH coin and ERC-20 tokens.
✔️Send, receive ETH coin, and ERC-20 tokens.
✔️Swap, Trade and convert crypto back to fiat.
✔️Buy ETH coin in a few clicks with your bank card.
✔️Handle or create multiple accounts in a single wallet app.
✔️You can learn about Ethereum, Blockchain, and many things.
✔️You can decentralize Web and Dapp by connecting to the MEW wallet.
✔️You can register ENS names via the MEW wallet by connecting it to web.

8. Token pocket-Ethereum Wallet.

Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mobile Wallets

Addicted to ERC-20 tokens then this Ethereum mobile wallet could be the best for you, not just ERC-20 it also supports ETH, BTC, EOS, and many more.

By using it you can easily browse the decentralized Web and Dapp and can trade your ERC-20 tokens, ETH, BTC in decentralized exchange.

You can also get free airdrop, get your staking reward through some (PoS) mining pools, and by joining the Decentralized Finance.

Important features.

✔️Simple features.
✔️Open source and non-custodial Ethereum wallet.
✔️Users can access cold storage wallets like Trezor, Ledger.
✔️Support other than Ethereum coins such as BTC, BNB, IOST, USDT.
✔️Support over 2200 Dapp based on BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON blockchain.
✔️Easy tracking features like blockchain and crypto news, coin price, trading, and many more.

Download Android

9. imToken - Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mobile Wallets

This works the same as the Token Poket wallet, but it does not support the ERC-20 token but support the ETH coin.

It also has a Dapp browser, decentralized exchange, and cold storage feature to reduce the risk of theft.

Important features.

✔️Easy and secure.
✔️Support Dapp and Web3.
✔️Simple trading experience.
✔️Easy exchangeable feature.
✔️Support hardware and cold wallets.
✔️Also, support other coins like BTC, TRON, EOS, USDT.

10. Guarda-Ethereum Wallet.

Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mobile Wallets

Store all popular coins and tokens like a pro by using Guarda wallet. It loaded with full functionality and security to maximize your crypto and Ethereum profit.

Not just for mobile users, it available for Web, Desktop, and browser extension to easily interact with Dapp and Web.

important features.

✔️A smooth and simple feature.
✔️Live price tracking of any coins and tokens.
✔️QR code to send and receive crypto quickly. 
✔️Easy to purchase ETH coin with a bank card.
✔️Loaded with security like Touch ID or Face ID.
✔️Support over 45+ coins and over 10K tokens, and also Stablecoins.
✔️Non-custodial means full control over your crypto wallet private keys.

After download doesn't forget to secure your wallet to avoid money loss if you are trying to buying the first time then here some important tips for you.

Do you have ETH coin? What you think about these 
Ethereum mobile wallets? Or you have better Ethereum wallets than these. Tell us in the comment box.

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