Where I Can Buy Bitcoin With PayTM In India

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Buying Bitcoin with PayTM has become one of the most popular ways to do so in India, but sadly, there are not many platforms that allow you to buy Bitcoin with PayTM.
But in the past several years, because of the emerging crypto users in India, many platforms have launched with Bitcoin and the PayTM feature, especially for Indian users.
So if you are trying to invest in Bitcoin or searching for the best platforms to buy your first Bitcoin using PayTM but have not yet found them,
Then here I bring you the most trusted and tested top platforms to buy your first Bitcoin using PayTM around India.
So, with no further delay, let's start.

Why and why not buy Bitcoin with PayTM?

  • Support UPI.
  • Secure and trusted platform.
  • Users are friendly toward buying Bitcoin.
  • Most popular eWallet that is already in use
  • Easy to add and withdraw money from PayTM.
Why not?
  • Risky when using P2P platforms.
  • The price is higher than the market price.
  • Take a longer step than any other method.
  • You have to send payment screenshots to the P2P broker.
Note - Before buying, make sure you have connected your bank account with Paytm Viva UPI.

Where can I buy Bitcoin with PayTM?

There’s no point in playing the guessing game when it comes to buying Bitcoin with PayTM, so we took the guesswork out of it for you by discovering a few of the more trustworthy sites. Once you find one that works for your specific needs, you can start investing in Bitcoin right away—all at the click of a button.

1. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins doesn't need any introduction to recognize that it is the most trusted P2P web wallet where you can easily buy Bitcoin among actual people on the internet.
What is P2P?
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to deal directly with other individuals, cutting out the financial institution or platform (website) as the middleman. Know more about P2P.
It allows you to exchange your INR via the PayTM wallet into Bitcoin at the best market price from actual persons.
Where most of the buying platforms use Boot for exchange, on LocalBitcoin you are dealing with actual persons, and that makes LocalBitcoin more trusted and fast.
LocalBitcoins allows you to send a message or advertisements directly to the seller or broker trusted by other satisfied users.
It provides you with a vast number of traders and over 60 unique methods to buy your Bitcoin, including a PayTM wallet for Indian users.

Update - Localbitcoins shut down its service.

2. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on LocalCryptos.

One of the growing platforms for buying Bitcoin with Paypal without a middleman LocalCryptos offers a wide variety of payment methods, including Paypal, ACH transfers, cash deposits, and cryptocurrency wallets. You can also receive money from other members by requesting it via your mobile phone or email address.
You can use LocalCryptos to buy with anyone from anywhere in the world without having to worry about any additional fees.
The features of LocalCryptos are almost identical to those of LocalBitcoins, but you can buy more coins like ETH and LTC on LocalCryptos. Do not confuse LocalCryptos with LocalBitcoins.

3. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on Paxful.

Another P2P exchange platform to buy Bitcoin with Paypal has all the same features as LocalBitcoins and LocalCryptos.
Paxful is the best platform to buy Bitcoin easily. You can get started in minutes, with zero fees and a secure, easy-to-use platform.
Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of Bitcoin.
Paxful works through an escrow system where both buyers and sellers agree that their payment will be released once the transaction has been completed. Both parties must trust each other to complete their end of the deal, but the added security makes it easier for people who don’t have a lot of experience with cryptocurrency trading to make purchases online with confidence that they won’t lose out on their investments if something goes wrong.
The best thing about Paxful is that it's available wherever you are, so even if you're not able or don't want to use your credit card right away, you can still purchase Bitcoin with Paypal instantly through Paxful without any hassle at all (and no fees!).

Update - Paxful shut down its service.

How can you buy Bitcoin with Paytm using P2P platforms?

1. Like all platforms, you will need to create an account by entering your email and password. They don't require KYC.
2. Now go to the home page of the platform where you created an account, and here you will see all the information about different traders.
3. If you're facing a problem finding the PayTM mobile wallet payment method or a specific amount that you want to buy (like ₹100–500), then just select options in the search box like amount, PayTM wallet method, country, and country currencies name, and click search.
4. After that, choose a broker and click on the "buy" button; an exchange dashboard for the trader will be opened. Here, you can buy Bitcoin with the PayTM wallet by filling in the amount that you want to buy.
5. Then the broker sends you his or her PayTM wallet number or UPI ID, and you will have to pay the exact amount in rupees (INR) via your PayTM wallet to the broker's number.
6. After a few seconds, your Bitcoin will arrive in your platform wallet as soon as you successfully send PayTM money to the broker number. Go to the dashboard and see your balance.

7. You can also withdraw Bitcoin to Paytm for cash.

4. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on CoinSwitch.

CoinSwitch, an Indian-based cryptocurrency platform, allows you to buy a vast number of cryptocurrencies in Indian rupees (INR) with several methods like UPI, Google Pay, bank transfer, and PayTM.
The features of CoinSwitch are the same as the Paytm wallet. To start with CoinSwitch, you will need to download the CoinSwitch app on your mobile device and then create an account by entering a mobile number.
You can use it as a wallet to send and receive Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but if you want to buy Bitcoin with PayTM, then you will have to complete KYC; otherwise, you cannot buy and sell any cryptocurrencies.

How do I buy Bitcoin with PayTM on CoinSwitch?

  1. Download the wallet on your mobile device and create an account.
  2. Complete the KYC, and then recharge the wallet by clicking on the Recharge button.
  3. Enter the amount in INR (minimum 100) and then choose PayTM as the payment method.
  4. A page will open and redirect you to your PayTM account, where you can complete your payment.
  5. In less than 15 minutes, your balance (in INR) will arrive in the CoinSwitch wallet.
  6. Then buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from this balance.
  • You must complete KYC and add the bank account number and IFS code.
  • You should have PayTM on your phone. You cannot use other phones or PayTM wallets (with a different name) to deposit money.
  • You can buy any coin, so you don't have to pay an exchange fee like Maker and Taker.

5. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on WazirX or BitBNS.

It's pretty hard to buy Bitcoin or even any coin with INR (Indian Rupee), so if you are one of those users, then you can try WazirX, BitBNS, and CoinCDX to get your first Bitcoin.

On WazirX, BitBNS, and CoinCDX, you can exchange Bitcoin for USDT after buying it with INR, or you can buy it directly with INR.

To buy Bitcoin with PayTM on any of these, you have to complete KYC after creating an account.


  • Best for INR users.
  • Simple to use.
  • Other payments are available.


  • Not supported worldwide.
  • Strong KYC is needed.

6. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on Gate.io.

Looking for an ultra-low fee place to buy your first Bitcoin with PayTM? Then stop here. Not only bitcoin, but you can also get ETH, USDT, and more, as well as NFT, MeMe, and Metaverse coins that are booming right now and giving high-level returns.


  • Low fee with a bank transfer.
  • A vast number of coins are listed.
  • Home of NFT and MeMe coins.
  • Withdraw Bitcoin to Paytm.


  • You need KYC to buy.
  • Not support much fiat currency.

7. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on Huobi Global.

Huobi Global is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms that allows its users to do something extra with their cryptos, such as trade, exchange, stake, and lend. And as well as buying and selling Bitcoin via Paytm, you can also do so with a bank card, Western Union, SEPA, and many more methods.
It supports many fiats, such as USD, INR, GBP, EUR, and more, for P2P.

8. Buy Bitcoin with PayTM on Binance.

Binance is the world's most popular crypto exchange platform, standing in the first position in market liquidity.
After gaining popularity on P2P platforms, it launched its own P2P called "P2P Binance," where users can interact with each other and exchange their local currencies for Bitcoin.
It also has features for buying Bitcoin with PayTM. But sadly, you cannot find many brokers that accept PayTM money.

Which one should you use to buy Bitcoin with PayTM?

Well, all the given platforms are the best and have their own features. If you want to use P2P platforms, then the price will disappoint you, and in the case of PayTM transfers, it could be worse because the brokers demand a 5%–10% price above the market price and also have a chance of scamming you if the broker runs away.
But if you use an exchange platform like CoinSwitch or BitBNS, you have a low chance of being scammed (if you do something wrong). And it provides you with the best price (almost at market price).
The other benefit of using CoinSwitch is that you can buy over 400 coins without paying an exchange fee, and it also provides the best security for your money.

Which one you should use to sell or withdraw Bitcoin to Paytm for cash.

If you want to withdraw Bitcoin to Paytm for cash then only the P2P option remains for you. Make sure to choose one that suits you from the above list Gate, WazirX, Binance, and Huobi are the best option to withdraw Bitcoin to Paytm for cash.

Where should you store your Bitcoin?

Well done! You have successfully bought your first Bitcoin using PayTM. Now you have to store your valuable coin in a secure wallet, so here are some wallets that are fully anonymous that I would suggest.
  1. Trust wallet.
  2. Bitcoin wallet.
  3. Exodus wallet.
  4. Enjin wallet.
  5. Coinomi wallet.
  6. Lumi wallet.
  7. Samurai wallet.
  8. MEW wallet.
  9. MetaMask wallet.
  10. Mycelium wallet.

Conclusion: Buy Bitcoin with PayTM.

As with everything in the cryptocurrency world, there are pros and cons when it comes to buying Bitcoin with PayTM or withdrawing Bitcoin to Paytm. However, generally speaking, I think that having access to multiple options can never be a bad thing. So if you've been on the fence about using PayTM as an option for purchasing Bitcoin or another altcoin, now is as good a time as any to take the plunge.

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