How To Earn Bitcoin With Bitcointalk And Cryptotalk Forum

Cryptoswami brings you about the most trusted Bitcoin forum on the internet called BitcoinTalk and CryptoTalk. In this article, you will know how to use this forum and how to earn bitcoin with BitcoinTalk and CryptoTalk forum.

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Why join it?

Well, it depends on you what are you looking for a company you can promote your product, ICOs, as a bounty hunter you can earn bitcoin using Bitcointalk by taking part in ICOs and as bitcoin lover you can interact with over 2 million users. But if you are joining Bitcoin talk only to earn bitcoin, then you will definitively not survive for a long time like. So with no delay, let's start.

How To Earn Bitcoin With Bitcointalk And Cryptotalk forum?


Bitcoin talk is one of the first and most popular forum on the internet today dedicated to the discussion of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It founded by the greatest superhero Satoshi Nakamoto and posted the first message in 2009, and now it has become the second gift given by Satoshi Nakamoto. People use bitcoin talk for discussion about bitcoin, mining, trading, blockchain technology and more it also allows users to take part in ICOs, bounty and signature campaigns after they reach on the required level and earn some rewards for it.

Top 3 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Social Media


It's not just a forum for its more than a forum and you have to play an important role in the community by high-quality contents and that gives you trust merit of them that show you are not a scammer or spammers.

The forum has a top-level of rules and regulations for discussion if they found any wrong discussion such as off-topic, abuse, pilgrims, they will immediately delete it or ban your account permanently with no warning, no matter what level you are. There are a few rules you should strictly follow.

  • No zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads.
  • No off-topic posts.
  • No trolling.
  • No referral code or link.
  • No link shorteners that require users to view an ad.
  • No linking to phishing or malware.
  • No begging for merit.
  • No embedded NSFW images or links.
  • And more.

How to start? And earn.

The first impression of site design is poor and reminds you of old Yahoo and Google but, it contains a lot of pieces of information around bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

1. You first need to create an account on it by entering Email, password and confirming Email.

2. Post your first threat about bitcoin or you can post your introduction.  (Remember your post should be in desire topic otherwise it will delete)

It's easy but hard too, you have to work hard to gain some attention of people especially when you are a new user if you successfully did this then you can earn a lot of bitcoins doing nothing.

Rank.Required activity.Required merits.
Brand New.00
Jr. Member.301
Full Member.120100
Sr. Member.240250
Hero Member.448500
Legendry.(random) 775-10301000
Above table showing a different level or rank name of users, required activity and merit to earn some bitcoin you have to pass level three (Jr Member) that required 30 activities and 1  merit.

Activity. When you post or comment something it counts as activity some time your post or comment will delete because of some region but it doesn't affect your activity.

Merit. It is difficult to get because every time it decreases when someone gives its merit to others and only a few users can give this or users that already have lots of merits can give it.

Top 3 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Social Media

User with 1 merit. 

Top 3 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Social Media

User with the highest rank.

When you pass all the requirements, then you eligible to take part in a signature campaign in which it allows you to promote or show company, the website adds below in your posts, comment, and profile based on cryptocurrencies. And the company or website that you are promoting pays you in cryptocurrencies.

Top 3 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Social Media

An adds showing below your post.

Your earrings may vary based on your level and the website, generally gambling websites pay more than the other websites. But the problem is, most of the websites (not all) become scam or project fail and the result is you lose your work.

Some highest level users claim that they have earned around 1 to 1.5 Bitcoin per month for their works if the website project works properly.

                         NOTE. BitcoinTalk does not pay you any kind of Bitcoin for your work.

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Another website is like BitcoinTalk and the features too. It is way easier than BitcoinTakl I will suggest you join this forum to interact with other users and earn Bitcoin.

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What you think about this Bitcoin forum? Or do you have already joined and how much you have earned so far tell us in the comment box. 
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