Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

Have you heard about Coinbase and Coinbase earn or searched how to earn free cryptocurrencies with Coinbase such as Dai, 0x, BAT, coin? If you did, then this is for you or not, then you have to know.

But the question is Coinbase really allows us to earn free cryptocurrencies, or is it just myth? or not?. If not, then what are the requirements to earn free cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. 

So knowing about Coinbase and Coinbase earn and how it works stick with me, I will show you step by step how to earn with free Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. 

So with no delay lets start. But before starting you have to know a little about the Coinbase wallet and Coinbase earn.

What is the Coinbase wallet?

I am sure you have already heard about Coinbase. It is the most popular multi-cryptocurrencies mobile wallet to store your vast number of coins safely on any mobile. 
If you are just starting your cryptos journey so this multi-crypto currencies mobile wallet will give everything to manage your cryptos portfolio securely. 

It also allows taking your first step to buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum coins, and more with a credit card or bank account around the world (Selected countries) easily in your Coinbase mobile wallet.

What is Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase Earn allows users to earn cryptocurrencies while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. 

The idea is for users to understand more about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology while getting a bit of the asset to try out. 

How to create an account on Coinbase earn?

  • Go to the Coinbase website, click sign-up.
  • Enter the email and password.
  • Verify email and set up 2FA.

How to verify account to earn free cryptos on Coinbase earn?

It is an important step, not only for earning crypto also required for any activity on Coinbase. Get ready with your national identity card if you about to create an account on the Coinbase wallet and want to earn some free cryptocurrencies. 

As a regulated financial services company, Coinbase required to identify users on our platform. Coinbase can only accept the following documents:

For the US.
  1. US-issued passports. Note: They don’t accept passport cards.
  2. State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

For Outside of US.
  1. Government-issued photo ID
  2. National Identity Card
  3. Passport

  • Login Coinbase wallet and go to profile.
  • Fill the personal details carefully any error may cause trouble.
  • Click save and after that, a page will open choose the ID type that you have.
  • Upload the document and your selfie with the document.
  • After 24 hours your account will ready to use, and also for Coinbase earn.

What types of free cryptocurrencies you can earn on Coinbase earn?

If you were thinking it is free and just create a Coinbase wallet account and claim your coins, then you were wrong. Of course, it is free, but you will have to earn by learning about cryptocurrencies. So which cryptos Coinbase earn gives you. The following coins are listed for.
  • Earn Compound (COMP).
  • Earn Orchid (OXD).
  • Earn Tezos (XTZ).
  • Earn Dai (DAI).
  • Earn EOS (EOS).
  • Earn Stellar Lumens (XLM).
  • Earn Zcash (ZEC).
  • Earn Basic Attention Token (BAT).
  • Earn 0x (ZRX).

By choosing any learning crypto project, you can earn free cryptos. But before starting, make sure you are eligible for the Coinbase to earn rewards.

How to start with Coinbase earn?

To start with Coinbase, earn just click on any video and starts learning it simple as your regular YouTube videos. But like I have mentioned, you will only earn if your account verified and eligible for the reward. (Note - Coinbase earn didn't mention which user eligible and which user not)

How to check Coinbase earn eligibility?

1. Click on the home button after open scroll down and click earn crypto.

Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

2. Choose any project and click join if you have already joined, then you won't see this option.

Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

3. After joining they will check your eligibility and you will have to wait 24 hours and they will inform via email.

4. If the Coinbase earn or wallet didn't respond that means you are in the waitlist and you will have to wait until your turn comes to earn Coinbase reward.

Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

5. On some projects, the joining button won't show, which means the project of Coinbase earn rewards have already claimed.

Coinbase Earn - Know How To Earn With Coinbase Wallet

You can still view all educational contents on the Coinbase Earn page for free while you are in the waitlist or reward already claimed.

Types of a learning project.

All learning project is in video format you just have to watch 3-5 videos lesson per project which are 2-3 minutes long (few are 5 minutes long). After the end of the video, they will ask a few simple questions and you have to give the answer. (If they ask the question).
The project name is as follows to earn free Coinbase rewards it has the same name as earning cryptos.
  • Compound.
  • Orchid.
  • Tezos.
  • Dai.
  • EOS.
  • Stellar Lumens.
  • Zcash.
  • Basic Attention Token.
  • 0x.

This is all about how you can earn free cryptos with Coinbase wallet and Coinbase earn. Now explain to me where I have mentioned you can earn instantly $155+ worth cryptos like Coinbase earn said. Maybe some users say I have earned Yes they have, it's because they joined during the initial launch, but this day most of the projects have expired (but not all).

By the way, what's your opinion about Coinbase earn tell us?

If you want to earn free bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then it may encourage you.

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