Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account Transfer Instantly Like A Pro

Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account Transfer Instantly Best Way

There are several ways or places such as Coinbase, Coinmama, Gate, Bitpanda, Cex, and more that provide features to buy Bitcoin with a bank account instantly. Some required verification, while some require no verification according to countries' rules and regulations.

Platforms like Coinbase are available worldwide while Bitpanda in European regions and Cex in the USA is the most popular for buying bitcoin with bank transfer instantly.

Buying bitcoin with a bank transfer is less popular than credit or debit cards, but it has low fees and security than other buying methods. And that's why users attract to buy cryptos with a bank account transfer. 

You should definitely go with a bank transfer if the platform is available in your country and supports bank account transfers. 

So without wasting time let's see which website is available in your country and support buying bitcoin with bank account transfer features.

Quick List to buy bitcoin with bank account transfer instantly.

  • Cex. - Verification
  • Coinmama. - Verification
  • - Verification
  • PayBis. - Verification
  • Coinbase. - Verification
  • WazirX, Bitbns - Verification
  • Bitpanda. - Verification
  • LocalBitcoins. - No Verification
  • Huobi Global - Verification
  • LocalCryptos. - No Verification
  • Kraken. - Verification
  • Bitfinex. -  Verification
  • Paxful. - No Verification
  • - Verification

1. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Cex.

It will amaze you if living in the EU or UAS because of the fee it charges 0% fee on both deposit and withdrawal. The minimum amount for a bank transfer is $20 or £20 or €20. 

For money transfer it uses 'ACH' for dollar, 'Faster Payments' for pound, and 'SEPA' for euro. If you look for verification, it requires address verification at least for buying bitcoin with a bank account but for buying a higher amount you will have to increase the verification level by verifying identity.


󠀫✔️No fee for deposit and withdrawal.
✔️The minimum limit is low for bank transfers.
✔️Support many countries.
✔️Listed many coins for direct buying.


High fees on brokerage service.
Need many personal details for leveling up the account.
Only support USD, GBP, and EUR fiat currency.

Go To Cex

2. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Coinmama

On the Coinmama buy orders placed with a SWIFT (non-UK) transfer have a minimum order amount of $1,000 USD. If you'd like to place a SWIFT order below $1,000 USD, below the minimum flat fee of £20 will be added to your order price. While selling crypto, it charges about 2.1% to 2.9%.


✔️The minimum limit of the amount is high.
✔️No deposit requires.
✔️Many cryptos listed for buying.


Some states of the USA do not allow.
Need KYC to buy.

Go To Coinmama

3. Buy bitcoin with a bank transfer on

Looking for an ultra-low fee place to buy your first bitcoin with a bank transfer, then stop here. Not only bitcoin, but you can also get ETH, USDT, and more well as NFT, MeMe, Metaverse coins that are booming right now and giving high-level returns.

Currently supporting USD / EUR / GBP / HKD / SGD / AUD / CHF / MXN fiats to bitcoin with bank account transfer. And charge ultra-low transaction fee about 0.08 - 2% depend on size of amount.


✔️Low fee with a bank transfer.
✔️A vast number of listed coins.
✔️Home of NFT, MeMe coins.


Need KYC to buy.
Not support much fiat currency.

4. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On PayBis

A United Kingdom-based company founded in 2014 allows purchasing bitcoin with a bank account all over the world.

PayBis currently support EUR as an exchange currency, but users can buy bitcoin with a bank account by using SEPA international in their local currency.

It charges 1.5% fee + 1 EUR Bank Transfer + 0.82 EUR Bitcoin transfer (at the writing time). This means if you buy bitcoin 100 EUR worth of bitcoin with a bank account, then you will receive 96.68 EOR worth of Bitcoin in your wallet. (bitcoin transfer fee may vary according to price)


✔️Support all over the country.
✔️Available many coins for buying.
✔️Low fee.


The minimum buying limit is high.
Need high details for KYC.

Go To PayBis

5. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Coinbase

A simple and secure wallet for everyone and support over 100+ countries around the world. It has many features like trading, exchange, and more.

For US customers, Coinbase allows you to connect your bank account via ACH bank transfer. While for European Coinbase connects with a SEPA transfer to buy bitcoin with a bank transfer.

The fee is around 1.49% of the buying amount with a bank account for all supporting countries.


✔️Low fee.
✔️Available many features.
✔️Faster delivery in the EU and the USA.


Not supported worldwide.
Need many details to complete KYC.
It may track every transaction.
Prohibited in some regions of the US.

Go To CoinBase

6. Buy BTC with bank account on WazirX, BitBNS.

It's pretty hard to buy Bitcoin or even any coin with INR (Indian Rupee) so if you are one of those users then you can try WazirX, BitBNS, and CoinCDX to get your first Bitcoin.

On WazirX, BitBNS, and CoinCDX you can exchange Bitcoin with USDT after buying with INR or you can also buy BTC with INR directly.

To buy Bitcoin on any of these, you have to complete KYC after creating an account. Wazirx is required by Binance, so after buying BTC you can connect your WazirX account to your Binance account. This is the best trick to transfer your coins from Wazirx to Binance or from Binance to WizerX with zero fees.


✔️Best for INR users.
✔️Simple in use.
✔️Other payments are available.


Not supported worldwide.
Strong KYC needed.

7. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Bitpanda.

A multi-use supporting platform was founded in 2014. Bitpanda accepts via SEPA, SOFORT, and Online Bank Transfer for buying Bitcoin or other cryptos with the bank account. 

Currently, Bitpanda supports Euro, Swiss Franc, and GBP, USD for buying bitcoin. The fee is still unclear and does not show on the website.


✔️Multiple uses.
✔️Simple to use.
✔️Relatively low fee.


Not available in all countries.
Fees are hidden.

Go To Bitpanda

8. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On LocalBitcoins.

A popular P2P Bitcoin buying and selling platforms support all over the world. It needs no verification or KYC for buying and selling.

On LocalBitcoins You will deal with a real person instead of a bot. For buying bitcoin just choose any order placed by a trader or place your own order and choose a payment method from listed over 50+ options (even bank account transfer) and then send money in your local currency without any fee and third parties.


✔️Support all over the world.
✔️Deals with real persons.
✔️No third party is required for transferring funds.
✔️No KYC or verification needed.
✔️No minimum and maximum.
✔️Take 2 to 3 minutes or fewer to appear bitcoin in the wallet.
✔️You can chat with traders in real-time.
✔️Available over 50+ payment methods.


Only Bitcoin you can buy or sell.
Price is higher than the market for buying and lower for selling.

Go To LocalBitcoins

9. Buy Bitcoin with bank account on Huobi Global.

Huobi Global is one of the cryptocurrency leading platforms that allows its users to do something extra with their cryptos, such as trading, exchange, staking, lending. And as well as buying and selling cryptos via bank account also with a bank card, Western Union, SEPA, and many more.

It supports many fiats such as USD, INR, GBP, EUR, and more but few allow to buy bitcoin with bank account transfer, so make sure fiat supporting otherwise choose other payment methods.

10. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On LocalCryptos.

Another P2P and Non-custodial crypto marketplace that deals with real people around all over the world. 

LocalCryptos and LocalBitcoins work on the same basis and features. But on LocalCryptos you can buy  BTC, ETH, and LTC with zero fees while on LocalBitcoins you can only buy BTC.


✔️You can BTC, ETH, LTC.
✔️Support all over the world.
✔️Deals with real persons.
✔️No third party is required for transferring funds.
✔️No KYC or verification needed.
✔️No minimum and maximum.
✔️Take 2 to 3 minutes or fewer to appear bitcoin in the wallet.
✔️You can chat with traders in real-time.
✔️Available over 50+ payment methods.


❌Price is higher than the market for buying and lower for selling.

Go To LocalCryptos

11. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Kraken.

This is another dominating website for buying bitcoin in EUR currency. Funding your account with fiat currencies for buying cryptos can be done in a number of ways, including SWIFT, SEPA, and domestic wire transfers. 

The Kraken app is the perfect way for crypto traders to conveniently buy BTC from the palm of their hand. With the Kraken app, you can instantly buy bitcoin with a bank account, while tracking the price of bitcoin and reading bitcoin news as you chart the path of your financial future.

Currently, bank account transfers are available for USA users only with a $10 minimum buy.

The option you select will be based on your location and preference. Deposit fees can vary but usually have a maximum of $5.


✔️Low deposit fees.
✔️Trusted and popular.
✔️Support USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, CHF as fiat currency


Hard to use.
No privacy needs KYC.
Take 1-5 business days to appear bitcoin.
No bank deposit option for the JPY fiat deposit.

Go To Kraken

12. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Bitfinex.

A Hong Kong-based company leading in the market and provides to buy bitcoin or other cryptos with bank account transfer instantly.

It supports WIRE for bank deposits and charges a 0.1% fee of the amount. The minimum deposit is 60 USD or EUR.


✔️Low fees.
✔️High liquidity.
✔️Supports several altcoins.


Only the bank deposit option.
Difficult to use.
No privacy and need KYC.
❌History of hacks.

Go To Bitfinex

13. Buy Bitcoin With Bank Account On Paxful.

This is the third P2P and Non-custodial crypto marketplace in these lists. It also works like LocalBitcoins and LocalCryptos. See 6 and 7 number lists for more details.

Go To Paxful

14. Buy BTC with bank transfer on

Want to do something extra with your bitcoin after buying, then try and earn back bitcoin that gives the highest interest rate in the market.

To buy with bitcoin with bank transfer you have to download the app and complete KYC after creating an account.


✔️Easy to handle.
✔️Simple features.
✔️Various products.


❌Need KYC to buy.
❌Not support much fiat currency.
❌Web-version is not available.

Where store my bitcoin?

There is no need to ask for a bitcoin wallet after buying bitcoin, I prefer an anonymous wallet to store my bitcoin and you should too. Here are some wallets that you should use.

1. Exodus wallet.

Manage your wealth in a blockchain wallet that combines solid engineering and beautiful design in the form of live charts that update in real-time.

Exodus allows you to secure, manage, and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more from an easy-to-use a wallet that puts you in control of your wealth.

2. Enjin wallet.

Meet your another anonymous crypto wallet to manage thousand of coins, tokens, and more in one place.

This anonymous wallet is totally built for everyone for trading, holding, gaming, and more.

3. Lumi wallet.

Fully featured and highly secure anonymous wallet for beginners as well as pro users. It supports around 1200+ coins and tokens for buying and exchange in a few clicks.

If you are from a European country, then easily can withdrawal your bitcoin with your Visa bank card.

Here, find a more excellent anonymous wallet.

Like always I say secure your wallet and don't compromise by saying I will do it later otherwise you will search on Google how to recover lost bitcoin😏. So secure than searching. Here are some ways that you should follow.

  • PIN lock.
  • Email alert.
  • 2FA security.
  • SMS alert (OTP).
  • Set limit withdrawal.
  • Use a strong password.
  • Use a single email wallet.
  • Store private key offline.
  • Use a secure internet connection.
Here, read more in detail about it.

This list supports almost every country, remember if a website support EUR or USD or other which is not your country's currency that's not mean you can not buy bitcoin or cryptos. In this case, when you transfer money through a bank account, it will exchange automatically in EUR or USD based on the current price and fee.

The most advantage of buying bitcoin with a bank account transfer is a low fee, where other popular methods like credit or debit cards charge over 10% while bank account deposits charge less than 2% of the amount.

So what do you think about this 10 list to buy bitcoin instantly with a bank account transfer? Have you used any website or do you think there is another way that provides better results? Tell us in the comment box.
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