Free BTC - 22 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin | Cryptos

Free BTC - 22 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Earning free bitcoin is a dream of every newbie who comes into the crypto world and also it is the best way for companies to attract users by giving free bitcoin and crypto.

But is it literally possible to earn free bitcoin or even any cryptos for free? If Yes, then how much and how I can earn some free BTC or cryptos.

First, there is nothing for free, especially bitcoin. If any websites giving the opportunity to earn bitcoin free, then it will charge something indirect charge like your time, internet, or something else. 

So why should I spend a little time to earn a penny amount of bitcoin while I can earn more bitcoin by smartly using my time? But how and where?

So here I bring you the best way to earn bitcoin for free. So without wasting your time, let's start.

Free BTC - 22 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin | Cryptos.

1. Earn BTC with decentralizing blogging.

I know, when you hear decentralized blog word, then only the Steemit platform comes in the mind. But don't worry, there are other best-decentralized blogging platforms to earn free cryptos.

If you're a writer story writer or else that you think other people will like it, then you should definitely join this. Remember, it will take some time, and trust me, it can be your alternate source of income as well as to earn free bitcoin.

I will suggest you join Uptrennd or Publish0x these are totally free of cost and have a higher chance of success.

2. Earn Bitcoin with decentralized social media.

This is like your regular social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter, but it's decentralized and allows you to earn free bitcoin or other cryptos. 

You can search for decentralized social media on Google and find the best one. If you joining this, then do not post any things like you do on FB and Insta.

3. Earn cryptos by making videos.

Are you a video creator or have video creating talent, then do not waste time on YouTube to qualify my channel for earning money? Join decentralized video sharing platforms and earn free bitcoin and cryptos for your talent. 

Here you can see the best-decentralized video sharing platforms for this I will suggest you join

4. Earn BTC with data sharing.

Sell your browser data to earn free bitcoin. There are many companies looking for high-quality user data I have written on how to earn crypto by selling search engine data. 

Your data is very sensitive to be aware of, so don't use it when doing sensitive like payment, entering a password, or else.

Here go to Swash, Presearch, Trakkin.

5. Earn cryptos by doing health activity.

Like a regular app, there are also some Dapps that track your daily exercises or activity and reward for it. 

When you share your daily exercise status on platforms other users like you will vote and comment on your status. And after that, it will convert into cryptos.

6. Earn bitcoin with web browsers.

Why use the web browser, tor, ad blocker separately when I can get all of these inside a single browser and can earn free bitcoin too. You can easily download a web browser called Brave browser on both mobile and PC.

By using it, the browser will show you privacy respected ads based on your interest, and for viewing, ads browser will pay you every month.

If you are a student and study online, then it can be great to earn some free cryptos. You can easily earn $3 - $4 every month.

7. Earn with blogging.

Blogging on crypto-based is the most stable and high profitable way to earn free bitcoin.

There are many websites ready to serve ads on your website and the most important part they will pay you in bitcoin or other cryptos.

So if you have enough visiter on the blog, then try crypto ads than Google ads.

8. Earn Bitcoin by staking.

This is a long-term investment and you will have to wait to earn some interest. 

I will not tell you to invest in staking, but yes if you have held some cryptos and waiting for the price increase.

Here you can find some best crypto staking platforms to earn interest.

9. Earn bitcoin by trading.

Trading is the most profitable (but can harmful too) if you know a little about how bitcoin and cryptos market work with trading you can easily gain or lose an extensive amount so before starting trading read or watch some article or video.

You should start with a small amount of $5 - $10. Here you can find some best trading websites.

10. Earn bitcoin by participating in scholarship.

This is a one-time enormous opportunity if you have crypto or blockchain knowledge. There are some websites that offer scholarships to students for spreading awareness about cryptos. 

To qualify for scholarships, you will have to write an article on cryptos and meet the scholarship requirement. Currently, Blockgeeks and CryptoPotato offering scholarships.

11. Earn cryptos by airdrop.

Earn cryptos by participating in an airdrop is the most popular way. Thousand of companies and coins launch every year and they promote their coins by giving fee cryptos to the users for completing simple tasks.

Here you can find some best Airdrops for free.

12. Earn BTC on the bitcoin forum.

Do you know This is the forum created by bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto for discussing about bitcoin and other altcoins.

So why are you wasting your time on social media instant of this forum that provides the same feeling and gives free bitcoin and crypto too? 

Here you can see a full guide on how to earn bitcoin on bitcoin forums.

13. Earn Bitcoin through a referral program.

If you have an enormous fan base that is interested in bitcoin then this is for you. Register on the website and share the referral link to them if they join and invest, then you will get half of the amount for free bitcoin. 

Websites like WazirX, Bybit, BlockFi considered as best for the referral program.

14. Earn bitcoin by doing crypto jobs.

You already know about it. This is not for free. To earn bitcoin you have to do work online but based on bitcoin and cryptos related. And you will get paid for what you want like BTC, ETH, and, more.

15. Earn bitcoin by taking the survey.

Give your feedback and earn free bitcoin. This is time taking method but your 30 - 35 minutes can give you $4 - $5. Before jumping into the survey, make sure you are eligible and it available in your country otherwise your work will be wasted. 

Here, best survey websites.

16. Earn bitcoin by the faucet.

A cheap and popular method and almost every beginner has started their journey with it.

But you know the price of BTC has gone up, so now this not worthful to use. If you want here, you go with this.

If you know any higher paying bitcoin faucet comment, I will list it.

17. Earn bitcoin by watching ads.

This is like a faucet but gives more free bitcoin. By using this, you will have to click and watch ads for a few seconds. The more ad time more you will earn bitcoin.

18. Earn cryptos by learning educational videos.

When the companies launch a new product, then they teach users how it works and gives some free bitcoin or own cryptos as gifts.

This idea first comes on Coinbase and after that it becomes popular and now we have several platforms like Coinmarketcap and CaptainBitcoin you should see how it works. 

Don't forget to share the experience.

19. Earn bitcoin by betting or gambling.

Yes, gambling is also popular in the crypto world. On it, peoples bet on the winning team matches like Football. Cricket, Hockey, NBA, and many more around the world. This is a simple and popular method, but risky too.

20. Earn cryptos by playing crypto games.

Cryptogame like Cryptokitty is most popular in the crypto game. Cryptogame gives tokens based on ETH intended for BTC, but you can exchange it in your favorite coins.

Remember, in the crypto game you have to purchase items to earn cryptos.

Find here crypto games.

21. Earn cryptos by playing Esport games.

Are you a master of PUBG, DOTA2, or COD-Warfare game so you are lucky. There is a Dapp called Firstblood that gives you the opportunity to challenge your opponent by placing a price. If you beat your opponent, all price is yours.

Also, it conducts online tournaments for free if you win you can get a big price by just playing regular PUBG games.

I will write the complete guide on this, so don't forget to subscribe by entering email.

Go to Firstblood.

22. Earn bitcoin by mining.

I don't think so, I have to explain how bitcoin mining works and how to earn. But remember, if you don't have money then this is not for you in case someone offering free BTC mining then it scamming you so be alert and don't send any money to them.

This day it's hard to earn free bitcoin due to the high price, but using these listed methods and managing smartly you can definitely earn free cryptos.

All these methods I have used and have earned much bitcoin and other cryptos if you do smartly you can also earn.

Don't forget to tell experience with us and if you think there is another's the best way to earn bitcoin, tell us I will mention it.

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