Bitcoin ATM machine | How To Find BTC atm Locations Near Me

Bitcoin ATM machine | How To Find BTC atm Locations Near Me

Bitcoin ATM machine, a perfect way to start buying bitcoin with no risk. After introducing the Bitcoin ATM machine, has becomes popular quickly.

The best part of using the BTC atm machine, it doesn’t require extensive expertise and you can use it without complicated access procedures.
But the question is, where I can find bitcoin ATM locations to buy my first bitcoin. Is any bitcoin atm machine near me if yes, then how to find bitcoin atm locations. 

So to know all keep reading.

What is a bitcoin atm machine?

Bitcoin ATM machine is a kiosk that allows a person to buy Bitcoin using an automatic teller machine. Some Bitcoin ATMs unidirectional and some bidirectional. based on offer bi-directional functionality enabling both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the sale of Bitcoin for cash. Find here more about it.

Who provides BTC atm machine.

Like, you know bitcoin is decentralized and no government can control it. So the same procedures follow on the BTC atm machine as well.

So in order to install crypto atm, you will have to contact ATM machine provider companies. There are many third-party companies that provide BCT atm machine to shopping stores or merchants that want to install a crypto atm for their business.

Can an individual person install BTC atm in their home or store? Yes, if cryptos trading legal by the government in your country, it charges about $15000+ and varies depending upon ATM generation, functionality, and size.

Some popular crypto atm machine providers like Bitcoin Depot, Bitnovo, Cryptospace, Genesis. Keep scrolling, I have given more about it below.

Bitcoin ATM machine | How To Find BTC atm Locations Near Me
Growing bitcoin ATM popularity - Source Coinatmradar

How crypto ATM machine works?

Bitcoin kiosks are not like traditional ATM machines but it works and looks likes traditional machine. Currently, there are two types of the bitcoin ATM machine 
1. unidirectional 2. bidirectional.

The unidirectional ATM allows buying bitcoin or other cryptos while bidirectional ATM allows both buy and sell BTC or cryptos. To run both unidirectional and bidirectional ATM needs to be connected to the internet while a traditional ATM does not require the internet and also BTC atm is not connected to your bank account.

Using Bitcoin ATM.

A bitcoin ATM machine does not connect to your bank account, so in order to use BTC atm, you must have a crypto wallet in your mobile and cash or card in your pocket.

To buy bitcoin from a Bitcoin kiosk you will have to enter an amount and BTC destination address, I know the address is too long to type so let the ATM machine to scam your bitcoin address that presents in your mobile wallet and then insert bank account or card details. When you complete the transaction your BTC will arrive at a given bitcoin address, you can also print out a receipt of your transaction.

If the Bitcoin ATM machine is bidirectional, then you can also sell your cryptos for cash. So for cash out enter some amount in fiat that you want to withdrawal for cash and then BTC atm machine will give you a print out of wallet address with QR code and you will need to send the present amount in bitcoin in a certain time by scanning the code with your mobile wallet. Then, by scanning the same printed QR code later at the ATM machine, you can withdrawal the cash equivalent amount.

Where to find bitcoin atm locations or bitcoin atm machine near me?

It's not easy to find bitcoin ATM locations if you know then you are lucky just visit and use it. Otherwise, there are two ways to find bitcoin atm locations.

  • By visiting on websites of bitcoin atm machine providing companies.
  • By visiting Coinatmradar to find a bitcoin atm machine near me.

Let's see which bitcoin kiosk companies are most popular and have map features to find bitcoin atm machine near me.

1. Bitcoin Depot.

It is a multi-cryptocurrency ATM machine and offers to buy and sell BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH across the United States. Via phone number, you can verify your identity and buy, sell the most popular coins intently. You can visit the company website and trace the bitcoin ATM locations. On the map, you can see ATM location, opening and closing time, which coin ATM is trading, buying, or selling.

2. General Bytes.

This is a Prague-based company and running since 2014 in the market. According to the company, it has 5000+ bitcoin ATM machines around 65+ countries that buy and sell almost all popular coins.

General Bytes ATM machine mostly installed in the USA, almost in all European countries, some Asian and African countries, Australia, Peru, and many more. It provides only bitcoin ATM locations and not other information of ATM.

3. Localcoin.

Localcoin is a Toronto-based company that provides a simple buying/selling experience of digital currency for customers. It runs around 225 bitcoin ATM machines in the USA and Canada. The best part map is showing coin price and the sad part is only provide buying service.

4. Bitaccess.

Bitaccess has great map features mainly bitcoin atm locations is in the USA, some European countries, Nigeria, Vietnam. Like I said, it has outstanding features and shows all information about hostname such as an address, payment method, price rate, email ID, phone number, host website, buying, and selling coins.

5. Coinatmradar.

Bitcoin ATM machine | How To Find BTC atm Locations Near Me
Different bitcoin atm locations showing on map

This is not a bitcoin atm machine providing company this is a map that builds to find bitcoin atm locations around the world.

It has over 11000+ crypto ATMs listed that running in 71 countries. In Coinatmradar map has all the important features that a user needs to find the best bitcoin atm locations.

This is purely dedicated to finding a "bitcoin atm machine near me". Not just locations you can find every information about bitcoin ATM machines such as installed date, status, feedback, score, ATM company details, operator details, contact ID, number, opening and closing time, name of buying, and selling coins and its fee.

If you know bitcoin atm locations but did not find on the map, then you can new location so other people will easily find it.
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Bitcoin wallet.

Yes, its name is Bitcoin wallet owned by And have everything that needs to start a crypto journey for a beginner. By using it you can store several coins like BTC, BHC, ETH, USDT, and more, and also you can buy cryptos via credit card and exchange into other coins in a minute. (Be alert, there are many wallets with the name of Bitcoin wallet)

Exodus wallet.

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Exodus allows you to secure, manage, and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more from an easy to use a wallet that puts you in control of your wealth.

Lumi wallet.

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If you from European countries, then easily can withdrawal your bitcoin with your Visa bank card.

Find here the best wallets.

There are many bitcoin atm machine providing companies, but not each has a map feature to find locations if any company has then provided only its own bitcoin atm locations. So in all of these Coinatmradar remain the best to find bitcoin atm machine near me.

By the way what you think about the bitcoin atm machine. Do you have any bitcoin atm machine near you, if yes, then you are lucky, tell us your experience we are excited to listen? 😍✌ 

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