22 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency Online By Using Your Phone

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Earning free cryptocurrency is a dream of every newbie who comes into the crypto world and is also the best way for start ups to attract users by giving an offer to earn cryptocurrency.

But is it literally possible to earn bitcoin or even any cryptocurrency for free? If so, then how much, and how can I earn some free cryptos?

First, there is nothing for free, especially bitcoin. If any website gives you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for free, then it will demand an indirect charge like your time, internet, or something else.

So why should I spend a little time to earn a penny amount of cryptocurrency while I can earn more crypto by smartly using my time? But how and where?

So here I bring you the best way to earn cryptocurrency for free. So without wasting your time, let's start.

22 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency Online.

1. Earn cryptocurrency with decentralized blogging.

I know, when you hear the word "decentralized blog", then only the Steemit platform comes to mind. But don't worry, there are other best-decentralized blogging platforms to earn free crypto.

If you're a writer, a storyteller, or anything else that you think other people will like, then you should definitely join this. Remember, it will take some time, and trust me, it can be your alternate source of income as well as a way to earn crypto.

I would suggest you join Uptrennd or Publish0x, Serey. These are totally free of cost and have a higher chance of success.

2. Earn crypto with decentralized social media.

This is the same as your regular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but it's decentralized and allows you to earn cryptos.
You can search for decentralized social media on Google and find the best one. If you join this, then do not post any things like you do on FB and Insta.

3. Earn cryptocurrency by making videos.

Are you a video creator or do you have video-creating talent? Then do not waste time on YouTube trying to qualify my channel to earn money. Join decentralized video-sharing platforms and earn free cryptocurrency for your talent.
Here you can see the best-decentralized video-sharing platforms. For this, I will suggest you join lbry.tv.

4. Earn cryptocurrency with data sharing.

Sell your browser data to earn free crypto. There are many companies looking for high-quality user data.
Your data is very sensitive to be aware of, so don't use it when doing anything sensitive, like payment, entering a password, or else.

Here go to Swash, Presearch, Trakkin.

5. Earn cryptos by doing health activities.

Like a regular app, there are also some Dapps that track your daily exercise or activity and reward you for it.
When you share your daily exercise status on these platforms, then other users will vote and comment on your status. And after that, it will convert into free crypto.

6. Earn cryptocurrency with web browsers.

Why use the web browser, Tor, and ad blocker separately when you can get all of these inside a single browser and earn free cryptocurrency, too? On both mobile and PC, you can easily download a web browser called Brave Browser.

The browser will show you privacy-respecting ads based on your interests, and for viewing them, the browser will pay you every month in cryptocurrency.

If you are a student and study online, then it can be a great way to earn cryptocurrency. You can easily earn $3–$4 every month.

7. Earn cryptocurrency by blogging.

Blogging on cryptocurrency and blockchain is the most stable and highly profitable way to earn cryptocurrency.
There are many websites ready to serve ads on your website, and the most important part is that they will pay you in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
So if you have enough visitors on the blog, then try crypto ads rather than Google ads.

8. Earn crypto by staking.

Crypto staking has become one of the fastest-growing platforms in the crypto world to earn cryptocurrency. Using a crypto staking platform, users can earn interest in their coins.

This is a long-term investment, and you will have to wait to earn some interest.
I will not tell you to invest in staking, but yes, if you want to stake some cryptos, then go with precaution.

Here you can find some best crypto staking platforms to earn interest.

9. Earn cryptocurrency by trading.

Trading is the most profitable strategy to earn cryptocurrency (but can be harmful too). If you know a little about how bitcoin and crypto markets work with trading, then you can easily gain (or lose) an extensive amount, so before starting trading, read or watch some articles or videos.
You should start with a small amount of $5–$10. Here you can find some of the best trading websites.

10. Earn crypto by participating in scholarships.

This is a one-time enormous opportunity if you have crypto or blockchain knowledge. There are some websites that offer scholarships to students for spreading awareness about cryptos.
To qualify for a scholarship, you will have to write an article on cryptography that meets the scholarship requirement. Currently, Blockgeeks and CryptoPotato offer scholarships.

11. Earn cryptos from AirDrop.

Earning cryptocurrency by participating in an AirDrop is the most popular way. Every year, thousands of companies launch their coins, and they promote their coins by giving fee cryptos to users for completing simple tasks. This is a great way to earn cryptocurrency while doing nothing.

Here you can find some best Airdrops for free.

12. Earn cryptocurrency on the bitcoin forum.

Do you know about Bitcointalk.org? This is the forum created by bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto for discussing bitcoin and other altcoins.

So why are you wasting your time on social media when you have this forum that provides the same feeling and gives you a chance to earn crypto too?

Here you can see a full guide on how to earn bitcoin on bitcoin forums.

13. Earn cryptocurrency from the referral program.

If you have an enormous fan base that is interested in cryptocurrency, then this is for you. Register on the website and share the referral link with them. If they join and invest, then you will earn cryptocurrency as a commission. You can also get paid in dollars (USDT) if you prefer that instead of cryptocurrency.

Websites like WazirX, Bybit, BlockFi considered the best for the referral program.

14. Earn cryptocurrency by doing crypto jobs.

You already know about it. This is not for free. To earn cryptocurrency, you have to do work online or offline but based on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related. And you will get paid for what you want, like BTC, ETH, USDT, and more.

Here you can find the best platforms for bitcoin and blockchain jobs.

15. Earn cryptocurrency by taking surveys.

Give your feedback and earn crypto. This is a time-consuming method, but your 30–35 minutes can give you $4–$5. Before jumping into the survey, make sure you are eligible and it is available in your country;
otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

Here, best survey websites.

16. Earn crypto from the faucet.

It is a cheap and popular method, and almost every beginner has started their journey with it.

But you know, the price of the cryptocurrency has gone up, so now it is not worthwhile to use. But if you want to earn cryptocurrency, then here you can go with this.

17. Earn cryptocurrency by watching ads.

This is like a faucet but gives more free cryptocurrency. By using this, you will have to click and watch ads for a few seconds. The longer the ad time, the more you will earn cryptocurrency. Many people are doing it and getting paid per click.

18. Earn cryptos from educational videos.

When companies launch a new product, they teach users how it works and give them a chance to earn cryptocurrency as gifts.

This idea first appeared on Coinbase and then became popular, so now we have several platforms like Coinmarketcap and CaptainBitcoin. You must try this. It's entertaining.

19. Earn cryptocurrency through gambling.

Yes, gambling is also popular in the crypto world. People bet on the winning team in matches like football. Cricket, hockey, the NBA, and many more around the world. This is a simple and popular method to earn cryptocurrency, but it is extremely risky, too.

20. Earn cryptos by playing games.

Cryptogames like Cryptokitty are the most popular in the crypto gaming world. They reward tokens based on ETH (mostly) intended for BTC, but you can exchange them for your favorite coins.​ 

Remember, in the crypto game, you have to purchase items to earn cryptocurrency.
Find here crypto games.

21. Earn cryptos by playing esports games.

Are you a master of PUBG, DOTA2, or COD-Warfare games, then you are lucky? There is a Dapp called Firstblood that gives you the opportunity to challenge your opponent by placing a price. If you beat your opponent, the whole price is yours.

It also conducts online tournaments for free. If you win, you can get a big prize by just playing regular PUBG games.

Go to Firstblood.

22. Earn cryptocurrency by mining.

I don't think so. I have to explain how crypto mining works and how to earn. But remember, if you don't have money, then this is not for you. If someone offers free crypto mining, then it's scamming you, so be alert and don't send any money to them. See how to mine cryptocurrency.

Today it's hard to earn free cryptocurrency because of the high price, but by using these listed methods and managing smartly, you can definitely earn some free crypto.
All these methods we have used and have earned a lot of cryptos. If you do it smartly, you can also earn.
Don't forget to share your experience with us and if you think there is another best way to earn bitcoin, tell us. We will mention it.

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