Buy SafeMoon - 16 Ways to Buy SafeMoon - Exchange SafeMoon

Buy SafeMoon - 16 Ways to Buy SafeMoon - Exchange SafeMoon

Here we go again with another future and over-hyped coin called SafeMoon (SAFEMOON). Many peoples were talking about SafeMoon and how to buy SafeMoon so here I bring you the safest ways to buy SafeMoon or exchange your coins into SafeMoon.

SafeMoon is a very new and highly volatile coin so make sure to do your own research before buying Safemoon. But one thing you should know it is very cheap in price so you have to wait years to get profit if you are a panic seller or not a good holder then this coin is not for you.

Alright first let's find out where you can buy SafeMoon.

What is SafeMoon?

According to the website, SafeMoon is a decentralized finance (Defi) token. SafeMoon has three functions that take place during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

And that's it nothing in the website except member introduction and also roadmap is currently being revised and will be back soon.

Status of SafeMoon.

Buy SafeMoon - 16 Ways to Buy SafeMoon - Exchange SafeMoon
Mach-September 2021

If we talk about the popularity or social status of SafeMoon, it's very strong especially on Reddit and Twitter while total holders more than 2M since launched March 2021. The highest price was $0.00001399 on 20 April 2021 and the lowest price was $0.00000149 (Three months ago). And it is also on the 1.5 M watch list on CoinMarketCap.

Where to Buy SafeMoon?

1. Buy SafeMoon On

If you like centralized and simple features place to buy SafeMoon, then go for here you can exchange your USDT with SafeMoon coin with minimum $0.5 order.

On you don't need any kind of KYC to buy SafeMoon but necessary to complete your KYC for extra security.

To start with go to the website or download the app then create an account by entering your email and password. After a complete few security set up your account is ready to use now, go My Balance and find USDT and click deposit address and then deposit only USDT coin on the address. You can also deposit other coins but you will need to exchange it USDT first. 

Now you are ready to get SafeMoon, go to trade (Spot Trading) search for SafeMoon and click on it to find the best low price, and place your order by clicking on buy SafeMoon as soon as you price match your coin will arrive in your account.

In case you don't have any coin or don't want to sell you other coins then simply buy USDT on with your credit card or Bank account.

2. Buy SafeMoon On BitBNS.

If you are from India, then this is heaven for you to buy and sell SafeMoon with a minimum of ₹100 with your UPI and Bank transfer.

BitBNS is purely centralized so without strong KYC you can not buy and sell any coin even SafeMoon. KYC only needs if you want to buy and sell SafeMoon with INR without KYC you can still use BitBNS as withdrawal, deposit, and exchange cryptos to cryptos.

To start with BitBNS, download a mobile wallet and then create an account by entering your email and password. After creating an account go to setting complete KYC by uploading national ID, Pan Card, and a photo within 24 hours your KYC will be verified and then you have verified your bank account details after verify your account will be ready to use now you can deposit minimum ₹100 with the linked account via bank account or UPI.

To buy SafeMoon go to the market find SafeMoon and place your order. Remember, on BitBNS only INR/SafeMoon pair is available.

3. Exchange SafeMoon On HotBit.

Another place to buy SafeMoon with USDT pair. HotBit is the oldest and one of popular crypto exchange websites among users.

To exchange into SafeMoon, you need an account that can be created by entering by email and password; it doesn't need KYC but you must do it for extra security.
The bad thing about HotBit is it has a hacking history so sure your trust this website.

4. Exchange SafeMoon On BitForex.

This website is similar to HotBit and also has USDT pair. To exchange into SafeMoon, you need an account that can be created by entering by email and password.

5. Exchange SafeMoon On Decentralized exchange.

If you are aware of online theft or scam and brilliant in keeping secrets then decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, 1inch could be a better place for you.

But the bad thing about decentralized exchange is it cost an outrageous amount of fee for buying and selling SafeMoon or any coins.

To buy SafeMoon make sure you have WBNB, WETH, or BUSD coins in your decentralized supporting wallet such as Trust or MetaMask wallet. Now go to exchange choose the pair with SafeMoon and click swap the exchange ask you permission to connect your wallet as soon you allow your coin will be exchanged into SafeMoon that will show in your wallets such as Trust or MetaMask wallet.

Remember exchange won't ask you any type of deposit or address you just have to connect your wallet.

These websites have also listed SafeMoon for exchange but they are not popular and have low liquidity.

6. LBank.
7. WhiteBit.
8. KickEX.
9. BitMart.
10. Decoin.
11. Hoo.
12. MEXC.
13. BiKi.
14. Bitrue.
15. ZBG.
16. BlueHelix Exchange.

Like I said SafeMoon is a very cheap coin and you don't have to invest thousands of dollars just buy SafeMoon from your dust coin or other coins that are not in use. After buying SafeMoon target a price and then wait for it. If your target price is $1 then you have to wait a very long time so make your strategies like pro trader not like a newbie.

From, this list or Decentralized exchange is the best option they have high liquidity which means you can easily buy and sell an extensive amount of SafeMoon confidently.

By the way, what do you think about SafeMoon? Are you going to buy SafeMoon or not I have some dust coins and trying to exchange them for SafeMoon I am about to reach 10 million and the target price is $0.013. What is yours I am really excited to hear in the comment box? 👂✌

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