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So you’re wondering how to buy Cardano (ADA). Well, the process is exactly the same whether you want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of exchanges on the market today, many of which offer almost every cryptocurrency you can possibly imagine. However, it can be hard to choose the right crypto exchange platform for a specific currency. Moreover, if you have never traded digital assets before, finding an exchange that offers beginner-friendly options could prove challenging. Here you can read "How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange."
ADA, which stands for Cardano, is the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and one of the most promising digital assets in the crypto sphere. The price measured in crosses has shown significant growth over the past few weeks and shows a fair amount of potential for what’s yet to come, but before going any further, let's take a look at what we know about Cardano (ADA) so far.

Background of Cardano (ADA).

Cardano was founded in 2017 and named after the 16th century Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano. The native ADA token takes its name from the 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace, widely regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. The ADA token is designed to ensure that owners can participate in the operation of the network. Because of this, those who hold the cryptocurrency have the right to vote on any proposed changes to the software. Know more.
The all-time high price was $3.10 on September 2, 2021, while the lowest price was $0.017 on October 1, 2017. Find more.

How to get Cardano (ADA)?

There are two ways to get ADA coin. The first one is buying; if you don't want to sell your existing coin, then buying an ADA coin is your only option with fiat currency. The second one is exchange: if you already have any tradeable coin in your wallet, then you can exchange it for an ADA coin. Here, find out the best trading app to trade any cryptocurrency.

Buy ADA on

If you like centralized and simple features in a place to deal with Cardano, then go for, where you can directly buy Cardano or exchange your USDT for ADA coins with a minimum order. On, you don't need any kind of KYC to exchange Cardano, but it is necessary to complete your KYC for extra security.
To start with, go to the website or download the app, then create an account by entering your email and password. After complete security set up, your account is now ready to use. Go to My Balance, find USDT, click on the deposit address, and then deposit only USDT coins on the address. You can also deposit other coins, but you will need to exchange them for USDT first.
Now that you are ready to get Cardano, go to trading (Spot Trading), search for Cardano (ADA), click on it to find the best price, and place your order by clicking on "buy ADA." As soon as the price matches, your coin will arrive in your account.
In case you don't have any coins or don't want to sell your other coins, you can simply buy ADA on with your credit card or bank account.

Buy ADA on SwitcHere.

Another fastest growing cryptocurrency platform that allows buying ADA and other cryptocurrencies instantly with your credit card and local bank in almost all countries.
Using SwitcHere exchange features, users can buy ADA, including BTC, BHC, ETH, DASH, EOS, LTC, XML, and USDT20, in a few clicks with their credit card (USD, EUR) and the local bank (MYR, IDR, THV, VND).
The minimum daily amount of transactions is $4,800 (€4,350) in the case of buying with a credit card, but you can increase the amount by completing verification.
SwitcHere does not show fees on its website, but you can see and calculate the fees during the last transaction. It may be between 3.6% and 15% of the amount. If you are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or Vietnam, then you can buy ADA with a bank account in your local currency.


Buy Cardano on KuCoin.

This is the best place for beginners and users who want to start investing with a low amount. The lowest amount to exchange USDT into ADA is $0.5.
Kucoin trading offers many features that make it stand out from other crypto trading apps, such as a wide variety of coins, low fees, and fast transactions. The interface of the platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, with advanced charts and data analysis tools.
The trading platform is built for everything from spot and future trading to copy trading and bot trading, which users can use with just one click. For buying and selling crypto, the app has many payment methods, such as a master card, debit card, bank transfer, and P2P.
If you don't have USDT to buy Cardano, then you can get it via a bank account, P2P, or credit card. KuCoin does not require KYC verification to buy ADA, but if you do it, your trading fee will be reduced, so try to verify your KYC if possible.

Buy Cardano on Binance.

Welcome to the ocean of cryptocurrency trading platform, but be careful; this ocean is not for new users. This cryptocurrency trading allows for all kinds of activities, from trading, buying, and selling to staking and mining.
Binance did not compromise on security features and has provided almost every protection. On Binance, your assets are safeguarded by our Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU Funds), which means they have your back.
On Binance, you can buy Cardano with AUD, GBP, BRL, RUB, EUR, or TRY directly (because of regulation, some currencies may be unavailable), and you can exchange Cardano for USDT, BUSD, BTC, BNB, or BIDR coins.
To start with Binance, create an account and then complete the KYC verification for buying Cardano. If you just want to exchange Cardano, the KYC is not necessary.

Buy Cardano on OKx.

OKX Trading is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to trade in the most popular cryptocurrencies. OKX trading is available on both Android and iOS devices. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it perfect for beginners.
OKx is similar to KuCoin, with higher security features. It gives three pairs of BTC, ETH, and USDT to trade with Cardano.
If you don't have any coins to exchange for ADA, then don't worry; it has many payment methods and supports fiat more than other platforms, so like others, you don't have to buy and sell here and there.

The more you understand about Cardano, the easier it will be to identify the best time and opportunity to buy ADA.
This buying guide can help you learn some of the key details that set ADA apart from other cryptocurrencies.
By the way, what do you think about Cardano and these platforms? Are you looking to buy ADA?

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